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Sarah Bloodworth

Sustainability Communications Specialist

Your sustainability story should integrate with your business, connect with your audiences, and evolve with the world. I drive communications around sustainability for businesses that create more impact with less complexity.

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Sustainability Marketing & Communications, Reporting, Digital Marketing & Media

[Journalism and Environmental Science: University of Texas at Austin]

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I was a kid who’s idea of fun was cracking open rocks,

selling them and finding out the stories behind them.

I’m fascinated with the way the earth works, starting from the minerals under my feet. And that simple appreciation for the Earth was the foundation for the climate-passionate communications professional I am today.

It was no surprise to my parents

(or that one lady who very graciously paid me one dollar for broken granite) that I began a journalism career where I specialized in writing about environmental science and sustainability.

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I started working in top local publications as a science journalist,

telling stories aimed at making people care about sustainability just as much as I did.

the daily texan

I served as head editor of the science & technology section of The Daily Texan. See my full portfolio at this publication [here]

texas parks and wildlife
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science journalist

I loved working as a journalist but simply craved more.


How do I make sustainability-driven stories engage even better with more people?

How can I create more impact with people and organizations in power?

That's when I started building my business and marketing sustainability muscles.

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Digital Editor

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I worked as a freelancer, eventually founding my own LLC

where I worked with businesses large and small to uncover (metaphorical) stones which revealed how to form a sustainable business strategy and communicating the value of sustainability.

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Website Copy and Blog

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ESG Writer

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During that time I also co-founded a UK-based startup

which brought together ethical businesses and people onto one, trusted platform.

I am no longer involved in this startup, but I bring the lessons I learned from building a business from the ground up to my work every single day.


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*Now Phileas&Heap PLC

Sustainability, including DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) is not an extracurricular activity.

These values should be rooted in every business strategy, system and customer interaction. It's my mission as a communicator to not only ensure sustainability is part of the story, but is communicated clearly, strategically and oh yeah...not in the "doomsday" way.

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After all, sustainability is a serious topic with a lot of room for innovation and fun!

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Currently I bring all I've learned to scale at global manufacturing partner,


as sustainability marketing specialist working in integrated corporate communications.

I also work as a writer and thought leader at [InnovatorsBox],

a consultancy and studio that makes creativity and people development actionable.

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Alumnus Committee

Sustainability Committee

Growing hot peppers

Curating day-long playlists

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my blog

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