I am the founding member of a startup with a mission to make everything eco easy for everyone, proudly launching first in Manchester, UK. 

For over two years I have helped develop the Zeeva.eco platform concept, social media/content marketing strategy, design, and community building. Platform to launch this year.


Quizzes are great lead magnets for cold audiences (people who don't know who the f you are).

This was shared by an Instagram influencer, conversion rate of 10%.

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Video: Eco Life Hacks for Lazy People - Zeeva.eco

I use my background in environmental science to develop content that helps inspire others to live green without gatekeeping.


Infographic Copy: The Pros And Cons of Hemp

Education is particularly important for mission-lead companies. Everydaily, the consumer-facing company of Bastlab LLC is on a mission to drop the stigma around hemp so that it can be used for more sustainable textiles. We created this infographic to communicate the value of hemp in an engaging way.

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For privacy purposes, I cannot share the essays I've helped with but what I can do is share what others have said:

"Sarah helped our daughter to stay sane during her college applications. Sarah's help was not limited to editing. She helped come up with ideas by asking the right questions ... Pure genius. Sarah could be a college counsellor, not just an essay editor/helper. Our daughter has received admission to her top college admission choices."

- Kim Treat, College-Level Admission & Scholarship Essays

"Sarah was an excellent editor. She always knew how to bring my writing to the next level. While working with her she would always make sure to suggest edits that would improve the writing but still keep the writer's original voice.I strongly recommend her if you're looking for an editor."

- Rahi Dakwala, Doctoral Applications

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