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5 Time-Saving Content Tips That Changed My Life

Updated: 24 hours ago

content tips save time

Who are we? Content creators! What do we want to do? Put out quality content! How do we wanna do it? Quickly as possible please...

We all create content but we don’t always have the time to do it.

Confession Time - I’ve spent two hours putting together a spreadsheet of over 100 keywords and then did nothing with them. Why did I do it? I wasn’t prioritizing my time.

I got sucked into the keyword hole when I could have accomplished SO much more. And I’ve learned a lot since then.

Recently I was talking to a colleague and she said “You really know how to get sh*t done. You should talk about that.” And you know what? I DO. So this is me doing that.

So go ahead and read on - you don’t have time to read a long intro...that’s why you’ve clicked.

Content Hack 1: Know Thyself & Treat Yourself Kindly

Do you focus better at night? Does your mind wander more on Friday evenings? Is your sister visiting for lunch that day?

All of these things affect your productivity. The best thing you can do to save time is to KNOW when you're at your best and plan your days around those times.

For example, I know I am more productive in the mornings and less productive after lunch. So I do harder/more intensive work earlier in the day when I can.

This skill takes self-awareness, practice, and self-love. And it starts with taking intentional time to plan around you.

Content Hack 2: Curation is Sometimes Better than Content Creation

We can’t all have original ideas all the time. Even the brightest minds have times where the idea jar has run dry. That’s okay!

Creating content where you curate other people’s work, comment on other people’s posts, or share your 2 cents on a million dollar idea can all create great content.

It takes less time and also as a bonus, makes our profiles a LITTLE less ME.ME.ME.

Content Hack 3: Bulk Plan & Schedule Content

Plan and schedule content in bulk - probably monthly. It takes a few, dedicated days when you’re at your best (refer to hack one). When you do this, it frees up time for you to engage with the community once they’ve posted, test, and analyze results.

The caveat to this is you will have to be flexible when more timely things happen that you HAVE to post about. But nothing beats the feeling of a completed content calendar - scheduled, edited, and with a bow on top.

Content Hack 4: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Content

Got a video? Great! Make a blog out of it. Put a snippet of it on Instagram. Take the audio and put in a podcast. Take a quote from it and put it on social...shall I go on?

Don’t drive yourself crazy creating a 100% original piece of content for every platform. Chances are you have different audiences on every platform anyway -- they won’t notice that it’s similar. And if they do notice you’ve posted something similar on separate platforms that’s good! Because people need things repeated to them.

And if they do notice you’ve posted something similar on separate platforms that’s good! Because people need things repeated to them.

Content Hack 5: Get Off The Content Treadmill When It Doesn’t Serve You

The content treadmill is when you’re driving yourself bonkers putting out content everyday...only to have no engagement, no views, nothing. You know what the definition of crazy is? Doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of a different result.

When content isn’t working - stop. Think. Analyze. Then try again. Maybe go a few weeks without posting anything -- trust me, it’ll be okay and will serve you better in the long-run.

What content hack resonated with you the most? Anything you would add? Share this and tag me to let me know! I'm always on the lookout for more time-saving tips myself.

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